I have met people who believe they are beyond redemption.  They think that whatever they have done disqualifies them for forgiveness.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Father God loves us more than we realize, so much that He sent Jesus to die for us.  Jesus  purchased our forgiveness, and offers it freely to all those who  simply ask.  To grieve over the past offers no solution, only misery.

Instead, we can honor the price the Savior paid for us when he was beaten, tortured, and hung to die upon the cross.  His love is so great.  His forgiveness is so limitless.  Only He was sinless, and therefore only He was qualified to pay the price for us, the price we could never pay.  The grave couldn’t hold Jesus.  He rose from the dead and sits now at the Father’s right hand in heaven.  How awesome what He has done for us is!

It is the enemy of God who attempts to wear out God’s children with accusations.  When we resist the enemy, he will flee.   (James 4:7)  

We can praise the Father …out loud, and declare how great the salvation Jesus bought for us!  Quickly you will notice the accuser has gone!  When he finds out his scheme doesn’t work he will stop.  He cannot stand to hear God’s children praise the Father, nor can he stand the joy we find when doing so.

We need to hold each other up and remind each other not to allow the enemy to succeed.  We need the body of Christ around us to lift us up when we need help.  Be encouraged!  You are loved, and when you ask to be forgiven, He does it.  There is no need to ask over and over again.  God not only forgives, but He removes our sin and failures as far from us as the East is from the West. 

Thank you, Father!  Great is your Name!  There is no one like you!  Thank you for the precious Blood of Jesus that washes us white as snow!