One morning I felt such a desire to declare what I believe. At first I didn’t plan to put it on the website, but after a few months, I think I should, so here it is.

I believe that God, our Father, is good.  He is not sometimes good, but good all the time.  I believe that HIs name is above every name, that His word is true, and that He will never fail to keep the promises He has made to us.  I believe that the Blood of Jesus efficacious.  One drop of HIs Blood is enough to wash away the sins of the whole world, if the world would only repent and ask for that forgiveness.  I believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  He made sure it would be preserved for us to the end that we could read it and know Him, and his plans for us throughout eternity.   I believe that the Word is life and spiritual food for us.  Through reading it we are encouraged, and fed.  It helps us to grow into maturity.

I will not accept thoughts or accusations that are contrary to the Word of God, as this would be to, in effect, call God a liar.  The one thing God cannot do is lie.  I rejoice in His promises for us, the fact that we will spend eternity with Him, if we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  I believe that Jesus literally rose from the dead, and that He now sits at the right hand of God the Father.  I believe that the day will come, in which Jesus will return for His bride…those who love Him and have received Him as Savior.  I believe that death has no power over those who are born again by the Spirit of God.  I believe that when the body ceases to live, our spirits are taken at once to the place of our eternal destiny.  For those who believe the gospel, this is heaven.  For those who reject the salvation offered through Jesus, the destination is hell.  These destinies are eternal.  I believe that the choice to receive Jesus must be made while living on earth, before you die.  To receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, repentance (sorrow over your sin and the desire not to sin again) are necessary.  Being born again does not mean that you will never sin again, but that your heart does not want to sin, and you do as much as possible to turn away from it.  If we sin, we have an advocate, Jesus Christ, who understands our weakness, and washes away our sin in His precious Blood.

I believe that there is only one sin which cannot be forgiven, and that is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.  This is to not believe what the Father has told us about the Holy Spirit.  He is Holy, He is the third person of the Godhead.  He dwells in those who receive Jesus, and leads us through life as we listen to Him.

As human beings, we live in a physical world, but the spiritual world is more real; and it is present all around us.  I have had numerous experiences of this spiritual realm, and I judge them by the Word of God.  I do not seek to enter into the spiritual realm by any means other than the Blood of Jesus.  What the Bible forbids is forbidden.  I believe that we have authority over evil spirits and demons because of the Blood of Jesus.  Evil spirits and demons must flee at the Name of Jesus.

I believe that in this world we have tribulation, that is trouble and hard times.  These events are not sent by God, but allowed by Him so that we can experience the power of His life in us….to overcome.  This brings glory and honor to His name.

I believe that God, our Father, is absolutely trustworthy, and I long for the day when I will see him face to face.  I will not be standing on my own merit, but His.  He purchased that right for me with His precious Blood

God is love, and He loves us.  He has no pleasure in the death of those that die.  He desires for all to turn to Him and live.