The day we celebrate every year, that some call Easter, is passed.  I call it resurrection day.  The crucifixion of Jesus is such a precious story .  That my God would come in the form of a man, and suffer such a terrible death so I could be forgiven, is wonderful!  His resurrection is equally as awesome.  He rose so that death cannot hold me.  I too will rise!

I was inspired, a few days ago to reread “The Robe, by Lloyd Douglas”.  I read it  as a young teen and it changed my life.  So, I read it again, and I was equally as moved.  The very presence of Jesus was with me while reliving the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Anyone longing to fall in love with Jesus, for the first time, or to have that fire reignited, would do well to read it.  It was hard to put down, and I just wanted it to continue.  The Bible became more alive to me as a result.

I am rejoicing that He is alive, and He lives in me!  One day we will enter eternity and see Him face to face.  For now, He is present with us through the Holy Spirit.  So, I just wanted to say, “Happy Belated Resurrection Day!”