This morning as I was praying and opening to the Holy Spirit, I remembered the word the Lord had given me in 2017 when the huge hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida.  We had all waited  for the time when Irma would make her turn northward. She delayed that turn again and again.  Instead of going out to sea, or up the eastern coast,  it appeared Irma would pass the Florida Keys and stay over water in the Gulf.  Irma was going to go northward up the western coast of Florida.  She would be approaching Tampa as a massively big and powerful category 5 hurricane.  Everything was right for this, and it could have happened.  The storm could have even entered through Tampa Bay and gone directly into Tampa (which sits below sea level). This would have been catastrophic.  

I don’t live in Tampa, but close enough that I hated to see that happen.  I prayed so much for Father God to weaken the storm, and not let it arrive as a powerful category 5.  I had never seen a hurricane that was so big that it was bigger than the entire state of Florida.  It really was frightening.  Father told me not to fear as He was “Yahweh over the storm”.  I woke the next morning to find out that a wind in the upper atmosphere had blown the hurricane on shore over south Florida and it had weakened.  It continued northward coming very near my home, yet there was only one bush blown over in my yard and no damage to my home.  Other trees were down in the area around our neighborhood.  It is pretty much a rural area.  We only lost power for a few minutes.  In fact, I slept through the whole thing.

This year as hurricane season is upon us again, and another storm is taking a similar path, I want to share with you what I realized while reading the Word this morning. In 1Samuel when I came to 7:12, I was impressed with the word Ebenezer.  Samuel set up a stone as a memorial, and he called it “Ebenezer”.  He said, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”

That was so refreshing!  What God has done for us before, or told us before, we can rely upon again.  He changes not.  I don’t need to ask Him this year, “Father are you still “Yahweh over the storm?”  I know He is.  He already told me that.  I can set up a stone as a memorial and call it “Ebenezer”.

No matter what happens in my life, I call Him Faithful.  He has proven that to me.  He doesn’t have to tell me again.  I  will honor Him by trusting Him with my life and Its outcome, no matter what. He said it, I believe it.  Ebenezer, yes Ebenezer, I like the sound of that.