There is a gift that you can give, that no one else has the ability to give.  It usually doesn’t cost much, but some might find it very costly.  It is a gift that no one can give for you, not your mother, father, sister, or brother.  In fact, not even God Himself can give that gift for you.  Only you can give it.

It is a gift we have all been given, though some have refused to receive.  It is a lavish gift, as none of us deserve it.  When you give it, you find you only have more to give.  When you live a life that makes a habit of giving this gift, you become a person of deep joy.

Unless you are willing to give it, you may find things not going well for you in your own life.  Without giving freely this gift to all you know who need it, you may find yourself running short of it as well

You never out grow the need for this gift, and no one was ever born who had no need of it.

Have you guessed what it is?  Love?  No, that is close, but not it, and without love you will find it hard to give this gift.

The gift is forgiveness.  Only you can forgive those who need your forgiveness.  God can’t do that for you.  It is up to you.  When you freely forgive, you are the first to receive the deep peace that only God can give.  You are released from the bitterness unforgiveness brings.  The more you practice forgiving, the easier it is.  It becomes a lifestyle, and you are the first one to benefit. 

God has taught us, when the Lord taught us how to pray, that we should forgive so that we also may be forgiven.  That makes it a serious matter.  Some people put conditions upon forgiving.  “If the person does this, then I will forgive”, but that is not God’s standard.  He says forgive that you may be forgiven.  When we find it hard to forgive, we can ask God to help us.  Don’t be surprised when He does.

So as the Holidays approach and we think about our Savior being born in Bethlehem, remember he came to bring us forgiveness.  When you think about gifts to give to friends and family, see if there is anyone on your list who needs forgiveness… and give it abundantly.

Every time I forgive, the joy of HIs presence is almost overwhelming.  He is such a good God.  He loves us so much, and by asking us to forgive, He has only opened a door through which blessing can flow into our lives.