Have you ever sat and spent time with the Lord, until His sweetness so filled you that you felt like you couldn’t hold more?  It is times like those that fill me with awe and wonder at the nature of our Father, the love that  He has for us that lead Him to come in the likeness of the flesh of sin to die for us.  He put Himself at our mercy, when we had none.  That is how great His love for us is.

Sitting quietly with Him, writing a prayer down on paper, sometimes I am overwhelmed with His presence.  Unless you have experienced it, it is hard to describe.  Once you have experienced it you will never want to live apart from Him. He knows me.  Every thought, every care, every sin, and every failure He is well aware of; yet because I come to Him again and again out of hunger for HIs love, He forgives me.  He holds me close, and by His Spirit He speaks words into my spirit that are beyond comforting.  He knows me… and loves me anyway.

I can’t remember how I began to write my prayers in a journal, but somehow I did.  That is when I began to hear Him in my heart speaking to me.  He never says anything that is contrary to His written Word.  In fact, that’s how I know it is Him.  He speaks His Word in living words into my heart to meet my need and carry me through whatever I am facing.

I am writing this because I am love struck, so to speak.  I am in love with the One who created me, knows me better than anyone, has forgiven me completely for all my shortcomings, and holds my future in His hands.  I am indeed lovesick.  I long for the day I will see Him face to face.

I hope you don’t misunderstand my writing this, but you see, I have been Kissed by the Son, and I have something to tell.  I hope it makes you want to sit with Him as well.  He loves you just the same.