This is a question we all need to consider.  When Jesus walked among the disciples he taught them that they should love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and mind (Matt. 22:37).   That is a really big commandment. 

It takes focus, time spent in the presence of the Lord to develop that  kind of relationship.  Without time in the Word in the presence of the Lord, we will find our affections being set on the things of this world, and not things above (Colossians 3:1).  Your senses becomes dull and your conscience becomes less keen to know what the will of the Lord is, if you don’t spend time with the Lord everyday, even if it is only a few minutes.

When you develop the habit of greeting the Lord every morning as you wake up, and spend a little time to read his Word, even if it is just a few verses, you have food to carry you through the day.  Then at times when you need to know what to do, you will find the Word that you have taken in on those mornings will rise up in your heart.  You become more aware of His presence with you as you go through your day, and it is easy to say a prayer as you go along, even if it is in your heart and not out loud.

This kind of relationship with the Lord can make your heart full of joy, even when situations are not so good. You will begin to notice your prayers are being answered.  This kind of encouragement makes you want to spend more time in the Word and praying, because you know you are being heard by your Father who loves you and responds to your prayers.

When your affections are set on things above, you have a joy that no one can take from you. There is nothing like it here in this world.

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus said, your heart will burn within you when you consider Him and what you have heard Him say in the Word.  There is no love like the love of God!

In the book of Revelation God rebuked the church in Ephesus because they had left their first love. They had done some good things but they had done them without their first love.  The Lord told them to repent or he would come and remove their lampstand out of its place.  In history that is what happened.  The church in Ephesus ceased to exist.  This is a serious matter.

When I stand before the Lord, one thing I want Him to say is that He knows I loved Him.  No matter what else.  My treasures are not here, and I pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the grace to live each day to honor Him.  I have a long way to go, but I know that the Blood of Jesus covers me when I fail, and I know to run to the arms of my loving and forgiving Father.  I know that the Word is spiritual food, and I need to take it in so I can be fed and grow into His image.

He is faithful.  He who has begun a good work in us will complete it until the Day of Jesus Christ! (Philippians 1:6) So run the race with endurance.  Don’t give up.  Press on!  It won’t be long till we behold His glorious face! Most of all hold on to your First Love, the One who Redeemed you, washed you in His own Precious Blood.  There is no One like Him!