Have you ever thought about how many people there have been in the world since time began? The number is more than we can imagine. Throughout time there have been many famous people, especially in the modern era with good communication. Before there was good communication, though, fame would most likely have been limited to a locality, or a state, or perhaps a nation. Even that popularity would require some means to spread word around.

In the beginning of history, when the Word was being written on scrolls, the prophets of God wrote about the promise of the coming Messiah. They themselves, longed to see that day (1Peter 1:10), and even angels desired to look into the matter (1Peter !:12b). But they didn’t see that day in their time.

Then, at the appointed time Jesus was born. From the start He was special. He was born of a virgin. At the age of 12 he could hold his own with the Pharisees in the temple, just “being about His Father’s business”. Some people loved Him. Others were jealous, and eventually the crowds shouted “crucify Him”; and they did. His death was no accident, though. God planned it, as an offering–His precious innocent blood for our sin.

On the third day He rose from the grave, because death had no power over Him. The Word says in Matthew 27:52-53, the “tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised; and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection they entered the holy city and appeared to many.”

He was definitely no ordinary man. He was the Son of God. Try as they may, the Pharisees couldn’t find Jesus’ body. The guards that watched His tomb, were not executed, but were paid to lie and say that He was stolen away while they slept. (Matthew 28:13). All this was done to hide the fact that the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, had risen from the dead.

In spite of the efforts of the religious leaders, in spite of the lack of communication, here we are 2019 years later, using calendars still labeled A.D. (in the Year of Our Lord) or in historical matters B.C. ( Before Christ). And all this happened without any computers or internet or television to spread the news. Our very calendar has been numbered for Him since His birth!

The world would like to change that labeling to BCE and CE, but then they have to explain why the change. He still gets the glory, because they have to admit they want to take out the reference to Christ, and call it Before the Common Era and the Common Era. There is nothing common about the coming of Christ. There has been nothing common about Him since He resurrected. One day soon He will return to set up His earthly kingdom.

He is truly the Son of God who came to offer himself as the only possible solution for out sin problem, to restore us to right relationship to our heavenly Father. How can we not be in awe of Him? Since His coming we definitely are not living in the Common Era. We are living in The Year of Our Lord, and we will be till He returns!

Be sure to avail yourself of His sacrifice and accept Him as your savior if you haven’t. All He asks is that you confess that you are sinner in need of His forgiveness, and ask for His forgiveness. He loves you so much that He died to give it to you. He is very much alive and wants to live with you the rest of every day!