When I was first introduced to the idea of God, it was in a big church building with a tall steeple. I was a small child, and everything seemed big to me. One of the first things I was taught was that I should “fear” God.

“Fear” to me, meant “be afraid”. Surely we all should have a healthy respect for God. However, too often, we end up stuck in this fear; hence we never really come to know the heavenly Father who so dearly loves us.

As time goes by, life leads us into different circumstances, a career, a business, or perhaps the military. Life can be hard and individual circumstances can be harder to bear than we ever imagined. Raising children, the struggles with aging parents, deaths of friends and family, all these things bring grief into our lives and cause us to think more deeply about God.

It is then that our concepts about God’s nature may get in the way of our really coming to know Him. We may think He does not want to hear from us because of where we have been, or because of things we have done, such as in military service, or any other kind of life situation we deem too bad to be forgiven, but He is not that kind of Father.

He is the kind of Father who, when he saw his runaway son returning, killed the fatted calf. He put the best robe on his son, and a ring on his finger. He would not listen to his son say how awful and unworthy he was. The Father was glad his son had come home. He was celebrating that what had been lost was now returned. That is a loving Father. (Luke 15: 11-32)

Yet too many of us have the preconceived notion that God is mad at us, or that our sins are so bad they cannot be forgiven. Sin is bad. Some sins are horrible. Some are unspeakable. But if a person is able to repent, which is to say, “I am a sinner”, “I am so sorry , Father, forgive me, please!” They can be forgiven. The precious Blood of Jesus was shed to cover all our sins. There is NO sin it cannot cover. It is enough for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD. (Revelation1: 5b) His blood is just that precious.

But the whole world won’t ask to be forgiven. Some won’t ask because they love darkness rather than light. Some won’t ask because they are just convinced their sins are too bad. This is to say the blood of Jesus was not enough! Believe me, It was! Some won’t come to the Father through Jesus because they believe God is mad at them. Satan is a liar, he never quits trying to deceive God’s children. God is not mad at us, that is why He sent Jesus to save us.

As long as you confess to God that you are a sinner and ask to be forgiven, inviting Jesus Christ into your heart to change your life, you will be forgiven! You will receive a new life, free from guilt, case closed.

Jesus purchased this forgiveness for you with His own precious Blood. Don’t miss eternity with Him! Don’t believe HIs enemy who tells you that you can’t have it. Satan is a liar , and he… is the bully.