No matter where we are in life, we will eventually face some kind of storm. There are many different kinds, but storms are part of the human experience. For some it may be the loss of the job. For others it is a painful divorce. It could be an actual weather event that damages property. Every storm is hard to bear in its own right. The storms in themselves are not what is important, but what we learn from them. That is what will stick with us for a lifetime.

As one who has weathered many storms, I want to share a particularly meaningful one with you. By all means it was not my longest nor most severe storm, but it taught me most quickly a lesson I desperately needed to learn.

Not too many years ago we moved to Florida, and we lived here for 10 years without even facing a hurricane. I did not realize the impact Irma would have on me. When I saw a hurricane that was bigger than the entire state I was in, and realized that it did not turn up the east coast as predicted, I began to be concerned. Eventually it appeared it was taking dead aim for my locality and had the potential to be Cat 5 when it arrived. We had waited too late to leave. To say the least, I felt helpless. My daughter reminded me to go to my journal write and spend time with Father. I am ashamed to say I did need to be reminded!

As I wrote out my prayers to Father, he reminded me that he was Yahweh over the storm. That word filled me with peace, and as it was near midnight with the storm bearing down, I fell asleep. I never heard a sound .

I woke the next morning to find that an upper atmosphere wind had blown on the storm and weakened it, pushing it out of the gulf early, and keeping it from strengthening. We had almost no damage, just a bush blown over. But the important thing I learned was that the wind and waves still know his Name, and he is Yahweh over the storm

That night fear lost its grip on my life. Every storm, no matter what type since then, has not looked quite the same. My trust in the loving arms of Yahweh has tremendously increased. That is a storm I will forever be grateful for.