One of the things that makes people think God isn’t listening or doesn’t care, is the prayer that seems to go unanswered.  When your heart aches, and you cry out to God for relief that doesn’t seem to come; it can seem as if He isn’t listening or doesn’t care.  The pain in your heart is deep and real; and when there is no apparent answer, you have to wonder why.  It is just so hard to understand.

As I look back over my life, and remember all those times of heartache, and there have been many, the pain is as easy to recall as the day it first pierced my soul.  Deep pain, but looking back, the perspective is quite different.  Now, I have the advantage of knowing how those things turned out.  I can see how, if the prayers I so fervently prayed had been answered, the way I wanted, I would have missed the most important blessings in my life.

It is amazing how life is like that.  Amazing that our Father can love us enough not to give us what we ask for, because he knows what we really want and need.  He knows what those we are praying for need and want as well.  I am struck by HIs mercy.  He is, after all such a good God.

He told us that in this life we would have tribulations, but they are not from Him.  They come because we live in a fallen world.  But God doesn’t leave us alone in our troubles, if we cry out to Him. Though He may not answer every prayer the way we want or when we want Him to, He knows exactly how to help us; and He answers every prayer.  He’s not too busy.  He’s not preoccupied with someone else more important.  You are at the top of His list.  He alone is able to have a list like that.  He puts all His children at the top.

It’s the process.  That is what does so much in us.  The process of living, trusting, waiting, and knowing He is faithful.  That is what  changes our hearts to make us more like Him.

Father will not withhold any good gift from us, as an earthly father might.  He’s always after what is absolutely best for us.  He will never fail us.  Looking back over my life, I have to say, He never has let me down.  He has walked through every valley with me, and as the famous poem says, “When I could not walk He carried me”.  He really did.

My life isn’t over yet.  I still have things I am facing; some I know about, some I don’t, but I do know this.  I will not be alone in my journey.  He is faithful.  He has been tested, and found true.

I wouldn’t change a thing.  All the sufferings I went through were worth it, more than worth it, to know Him.  And the joy that fills my heart as I consider these things, can only come from Him.  The wisdom of God an awesome thing, and  I can only say, thank you, Father.