I wasn’t dead long, but it was long enough.  It all started in the middle of the night.  I was sleeping.  My heart had been beating irregularly, and I had worn a heart monitor for several days with no conclusive results.  Then that night, I felt my heart begin to race, it went so fast that it quit.  It was painless.  Then my spirit/soul lifted out of my body into the night air.  I realized that I had died.  I was not upset.  In fact I was really just in awe of how painless it was . I could tell that I was still in the same shape I had been in all my life, but with one big change, I had no pain. I had always suffered with quite a bit of back and neck pain, but I had none then.  Then I realized that Jesus was there, and I said, “ Well Lord, let’s go,” as I knew we were not in heaven yet.  I communicated to Him by thought,  and clearly understood Him, as He communicated back to me by His thought, “ What about Tom?”, He asked.  Without considering the response, I said, “If he needs me, I guess I need to go back.”  No sooner was the “k” sound out of my thought, then I was back in my body and had to open my eyes to see.  I was saying “Oh Lord, You could have said You would take care of him!”  I woke my husband to tell him what had just happened.  But he was so sleepy he didn’t get the full impact until the next day. I Could hardly calm down.  To say I was not disappointed would be a lie.  I wanted to go on to heaven and be with Jesus! There was no desire to return to this body, even though my life was good and I was not unhappy.  There was freedom being out of the limitations of this world, and finding myself in the presence of Jesus communicating with such ease.   I understand why I needed to return.  There was much left for me to do.   After all these years, I see His wisdom in His sending me back, and I am thankful.  I am, however, no longer afraid to die, and I look forward to the day when I will go to be with Jesus forever!