Maybe it is a health issue where there is no cure, or perhaps that there is no clear diagnosis.  It could be a relationship, such as that with a  brother or sister, or even a parent, that just doesn’t seem to work well.  We cannot choose those in our immediate family, and that  means things are not always peaceful at home. You can’t change the situation, and so you have  face it day after day.  Teenagers may fail to listen to parental guidance and run with the wrong crowd into drugs or promiscuity and break a parent’s heart, and then there is divorce. That is another situation that causes unrelenting pain.  Being abandoned by a spouse you thought you would love forever, only to find after so many years, that you’ve been tossed aside like an old garment. It’s not easy to bear.   Life is full of opportunities for trouble, most people find what they consider to be more than their fair share.

No matter what the source of the pain, only drawing close to Jesus can carry us through.  But even knowing Jesus, getting through can be tough.  If we are determined we have to have a certain outcome, the road may be a long hard one. We pray and trust.  Draw near and let His Spirit wash over your soul.  Take in His Word because it is Spirit.  Open to Him.  There are no shortcuts.  Healing takes time, and understanding does as well. The prayers we pray may not be answered exactly as we have asked, but they will be answered; and in the process God will have accomplished something in us that is precious in His sight.  He is a good Father.  We can trust Him with our pain.