Here I am. Unshaven, lying in a hospital bed. My room is full of beautiful flowers,, but no one is here with me.  I really don’t understand that. Here I am in my prime, 53 years old, a lawyer.  All was really going well for me. I thought I was on top of the world.

Then this happened. I’ve been here for a while now. Long enough that they have pretty much given up on me, and I know they are waiting for me to die. I just don’t understand what happened. Where is everybody? Every time a nurse comes in my room to help me to the bathroom, they look at me with pity. I try to ask them questions, but no one will answer, they just look at me and say they are sorry.

I have had a stroke. It has affected my speech. When I ask a question, I hear ridiculous words coming out! And I am a lawyer! How did this happen to me!  Night after night I lay here. Tonight I heard the head nurse send someone to sit with me because I am dying. Can you imagine.  A stranger has to be sent to sit with me while I die. What a sorry state I am in and I can’t even complain and make sense of it.

“Hello” she says, “My name is Betty. I have come to sit with you. Do you realize what is happening?” I indicate that I do, but what difference does it make.  Then she begins to tell me about life after death.  She tells me how Jesus the Son of God came as a. man to die and pay the price for all my sin, so that I can be forgiven.  I sure need that now. She asks me to pray a simple prayer of repentance after her, to receive Jesus in my heart. You better believe I did, and you know what?  Those words came out perfectly. I could hear them! I tried to bargain with God. “ If only, out of this one, then I’ll never do anything again”. But Betty wisely reminded me that apart from these circumstances I probably never would have prayed to receive Jesus. She was right. Then I saw Jesus! He was coming toward me, but then he stopped and went back.  You know, I was disappointed, I wanted Him to come and get me!

I didn’t die that night, and I couldn’t get Jesus off my mind. I waited every day for Betty to come in, as she was on the night shift. When she did I would call out to her and summons her with my hand, “pray”. I could hear it. I said it right. And she came, every night to pray with me for about a week. Then on Betty’s night off. Jesus came to get me.