It used to be, a good cry was something that was often recommended by those who loved us when we were sorrowful about something or had something to “get off our chest”; but I’ve been noticing that there doesn’t seem to be much of that anymore.

Perhaps it’s because we have watched too many news reports of the bad things that  are happening.  Maybe we’ve seen too many movies; too many people have been “killed” before our eyes, only to be alive again in the next movie.  Somehow, for some reason, people just don’t seem to cry anymore.  Reports of famines in distant lands, complete with images of babies that look more like skeletons, just don’t seem to have the impact they should.  People are killed every day, some if them our Christian brothers.  Yet we hear the reports, and just go on with life.  This is without mention of the fact that Roe vs Wade became law in the 1970’s, and since then, we as a nation, have chosen to kill millions of our own children.  (All while putting bumper stickers on our cars reading,”Save the baby whales,” or whatever.)

Life has become too fast paced.  People have become so involved with their own affairs and with the force fed belief that we should be politically correct, that they seem to have forgotten the difference between right and wrong.  Veterans, who were maimed serving our country, die at home, for lack of care; or they live on the streets, still traumatized by the effects of a war we never saw.

God gave us tears for a reason.  He even promised that He keeps our tears in His bottle,  Psalms 56:8.   And, “Jesus wept,”  John 11:35.   Surely in this life there is enough to shed tears about. Isaiah 38:5b, “ I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears.”   (Tears move God’s heart.)  “I will add fifteen years to your life.”  Wow.

I don’t know the source, but I have heard that tears wash the heart.  I believe that.  There is something cleansing about a good cry.  In a nation where tears have become rare, it seems we have become a nation of people with dirty hearts.

My prayer is, Father don’t let us become so calloused by this world in which we live, that we fail to have human affection.  Help us to be concerned for one another, as your Word instructs us to be.  Forgive us our sins; for the things we have both done, and failed to do, and please, please,  Father, help us remember how to cry.